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Thats right anything you want me to draw I will!
So far Ive got 14 people with commissions waiting... heres a run down of where im at with each. They are in no order and you will all be notified when yours is completed! New commissions will be added every two days so if your not on the list dont panic.

level 1 -means basic sketch is done
level 2 -means sketch is complete
level 3 -means line art is done
level 4 -means colouring is in progress
level 5 -means its complete!!!

1) :iconlittledisneymagic: =level 5 :dance:
2) :iconorange9746: =level 4
3) :iconanswertolifeis42: =level 2
4) :iconrebelmechwolf: =level 5 :dance:
5) :iconseniorpotato: =level 2
6) :iconspooky-sunshine: =level 5 :dance:
7) :iconheavier-lobster: =level 2
8) :iconiamversatility: =level 5 :dance:
9) :iconellasita12345: =level 2
10) :iconmegatuna:  =level 2 (will be digitally coloured because this guy is awesome!)
11) :iconobitoavenger:  =level 1
12) :iconhimearose: =level 2
13) :iconlady-ignea: =level 2
14) :iconjagoman169: =level 2
15) :iconmlggirl: =level 5 :dance:
16) :icongracedragon1: =level 5 :dance:
17) :iconscarecrowlullaby: =level 3
18) :iconneonmonsterbytes: =level 2
19) :iconpurikawaii: =level 2
20) :iconsniper0092: =level 1
21) :iconhellboy12345: =level 1
22) :iconmrgrinmore: =level 2
23) :iconmistycascade: =level 2 (will be digitally coloured because this girl is awesome!)
24) :iconspilled-secrets: =level 2
25) :iconemmie0305: =level 1
26) :icon14amychan: =level 2
27) :iconkirkykate94: =level 2
28) :iconkeabun: =level 2
29) :iconfalconheart24: =level 1
30) :iconscoobyfan1: =level 2
31) :iconthetardisidris: =level 1
32) :iconsugarnote: =level 2
33) :icondragoncuali: =level 1
34) :iconfluffycupcakes21: =level 1
35) :iconsailorlunarangel: =level 1
36) :iconnindakarinsa: =level 1
37) :iconsangrde: =level 1
38) :iconakumo-no-ko: =level 1

*NB this list will change a bit today as they are finished!!! :aww:


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Jessica Daphne Black
Artist | Hobbyist
New Zealand
Im 20 (21 in July) and Live in New Zealand...
I cosplay, study Archaeology and Classical Studies at Otago University And draw like mad. Its taken me 7 sevens to get the skills i have now and i still dont think im any good. ^~^'
I write but have little confidence in myself enough to ever think about getting published one day. I watch alot of TV and anime; and know without a doubt im at risk of becoming a Outaku, if im not already one.
I like rock music best but also like J-/K-pop, J-rock/metal and a bit of Techno.
Im also in the process of making a manga serise which one of my best friends is mental about... but im slow and get distracted so 4 years later its still a work in progress.
Most of my art is done by hand, with pencils, felts, water-colours and pen; and until i get a better photoshop it will remain that way... lol.
So thats about me... im an easy-going kinda girl, with more interst in anime, books and PS2 games than in anything else other Uni students would be into... ^.^ Guess im just weird... and i love it!



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SpazMuse 4 hours ago  Hobbyist
sure! ill find something cute for her to wear in some cute colours if you want. :D
SpazMuse 4 hours ago  Hobbyist
Youre most welcome! It was my pleasure to draw her! :glomp:
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for drawing Everley!
Maybe a little more on the cutesy side?
As for colors, I haven't the faintest idea so if isn't too much trouble I'd like to leave that up to you.
SpazMuse 13 hours ago  Hobbyist
sure, any style and what colours?
MistyCascade 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
There is an archeological page for that?? I did not know :D I will have to check it out!!
Alright then.

Would you mind doing your own version of my doodle?…

Sorry if that's sounds odd or confusing.
SpazMuse 1 day ago  Hobbyist
either way is good. or just on the forum. :shrug:
As someone still unfamiliar with this whole system, how exactly would I ask about the whole "commissions" deal?  Would I send a note or ask through here?
Sorry if this is a stupid question.
SpazMuse 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Same! :D I liked the Archaeology Magazine facebook page, and they give you updates on new stories, and artifacts which change our entire understanding of ancient life. like cats being domesticated in egypt 2000 years older than we thought. :D
MistyCascade 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ancient history is definitely a fascinating topic :D I like learning about archeological finds that challenge popular believe... I can spend hours simply reading articles on websites like which tell about  finds like that... :D
You're welcome.  I'm hoping to add another drawing to my creations before too long.....just as soon as I figure out what It's going to be..
SpazMuse 3 days ago  Hobbyist
love anicent myceanian and egypt, but ive got roots in scotland so i love pictish, celt and viking stuff too. Also have a thing for chinese and Japanese archeaology as well as aztec and incan. Guess I really love all anicent history... :iconsweatplz: 
SpazMuse 3 days ago  Hobbyist
thanks so much!!! :aww:
I love the Easter drawing, it's cute! :)
MistyCascade 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:D So what civilization are you most interested in learning about? 
SpazMuse 4 days ago  Hobbyist
lol, neither would i but as an working feild archeologist now that i can do! :D
MistyCascade 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're a archeology student :) that would be my dream to study... But I don't think I would make a good professor...
SpazMuse 5 days ago  Hobbyist
thanks so much! :iconfeelingfreeplz:
Hi. LOVE your Dr. Who drawing and I don't mean no harm to you.
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